Sundays@7 at St Mary’s


Here you’ll find recent recordings of Sundays @7 at St Mary’s Upton. On the night, a brilliant team of volunteers put together a video and audio recording of the interview for anyone who can’t attend to enjoy. You’ll find examples of some of the videos below, and links to all our audio tracks on Soundcloud and video recordings on YouTube.


Audio Recordings

 Here you’ll find examples of Sundays@7 audio recording as they were recorded on the night of the interview at St Mary’s.

To see other recordings, including sermons preached at St Mary’s, click the link below.

Video Recordings


Here you’ll find examples of Sundays@7 videos as they were recorded on the night of the interview at St Mary’s. To see other videos click the link below to browse the full Sundays@7 playlist.

Sunday 4th November – Penny Lyon

Penny is a Cotswolds based Christian musician and writer. Together with her husband Kevin and occasionally her son James she leads the Beacon Gospel choir. From this base “Out of the Ashes” an original Gospel band was formed.

In her teens Penny came to a living faith in Jesus and has had her belief in God seriously tested on many occasions and can relate to what it means to hang on by your fingernails. She has seen happiness and disappointment in equal measures.

Sunday 2nd January – Beth Gardner

Beth is a ‘born and bred’ Upton girl. She was baptised, confirmed and married at St Mary’s Church, Upton. After selection for full time church leadership, she was despatched to Theological College in 1972. Five years ago, Beth moved back to Upton having been away for 41 years.

Life did not turn out as she expected when she left Upton. The lows have been very low. ‘Life is untidy’ she concludes. Much of her story has been very private but now is the time to tell it because it is story of God’s immense graciousness in her life.