Treading the Boards Theatre Company’s Annual Pantomine was an outstanding success again this year…

Treading the Boards Theatre Company is the youth musical theatre group run through St Mary’s Village Youth Project. With the first show almost twenty years ago, TTB has seen hundreds of young budding actors pass through its ranks over the years and a few years ago had to split into two casts as the numbers swelled to more than 50.

Last weekend the Treading The Boards casts took their audience on a magical foray into Panto Land as they explored what happens Once Upon a Time when the children of Snow White and Cinderella decide to get married, bringing an end to all evil, spells and general nastiness.

Our usual Junior and Senior Casts were merged and split so that two panto casts had a roughly even split of Junior and Senior members. With the chorus members of the main shows in most of the lead parts, and lead actors and actresses from the main shows taking the chorus roles it meant that everyone has had a turn in the spotlight… and we’re completely biased but we thought they did brilliantly!

The show had a lovely range of characters from across many of our favourite fairy tales, as well as all the usual characters we’ve come to know and love at the Panto. With plenty of “Oh yes he did!”and “Oh no he didn’t!”, some absolutely terrible jokes, and some fun singing and dancing, some great “He’s behind you”, and rib-tickling slapstick, theNastily Immoral Terribly Wicked and Indescribably Troublesome Society (NITWITs) were successfully banished from Panto Land, and good won the day! Hooray!

Well done to all the cast, the Directors and the crew who helped put it all together! Special thanks to the volunteers, without whom TTB couldn’t function as it does; Simon and Freya, our brilliant, dedicated and diligent Directors, Valerie Leanord (affectionately known as Nan to the whole cast and crew) who heroically put together every single costume for more than 40 cast members. The amazing Anna Kydd in her endless roles; musical director, vocal coach, set designer and prop creator, Pete Riordan who, as always was a great help with all things audio and Josh Jones, our committed and fantastic light technician. Shout out to Peter Elliott too, for all the things he let us borrow and use, his time, wisdom and experience included.

Well done everyone – roll on The Little Theatre and the next shows!